Mini Car Valeting


No 2. (Mini valet) Small/Med 4*4 & Large Vans (S/M/L)

Gold Exterior Wash Plus

- Interior Vacuum

- In & Door Windows

- Dashboard Polish

- Tyre Shine Polish

- Free Air Freshener -

£18 £22 From £22

Ultimate All Above Plus

- Ash Tray Cleaned

- Plastics Cleaned

- Paper Mats

- Showroom Finish

£22 £26 From £26
- Mini Valets doesn’t require a booking –


   Choose for car valeting service in Aberdeen. It’s our responsibility to give extra care to your vehicle as you cannot trust just anyone to take care of your vehicle. We have a professionally trained team for ensuring the safest washing techniques to avoid scratch and swirl marks caused by most automated washes. Our Mini Car valeting Service offers two options for your car valet. The first one is GOLD Mini Car Valet package which includes services like interior vacuum, dashboard polish, tyre shine along with free air freshener. The other one is ULTIMATE Mini Car Valet package, which includes all the services of gold, plus some additional services like interior plastics cleaning, ash tray cleaning, paper mats, showroom finish etc. Have a look at the above table and get the most suitable option for your car valet in Aberdeen.

Terms & Conditions:
- Currently we accept cash only.
- Animal hairs and heavy soiled vehicles are subject to extra charge.
- We accept no responsibility to vehicles or their contents whilst on our premises.