Exterior Car Wash


No 1. (Exterior Wash) Small / Med 4*4 & Large Vans (S/M/L)


- Hot Foam Hand Wash

- Wheels Cleaned

- Shower Aqua Wax

£6 £8 £8 / £10 / £ 12

Gold All Above Plus

- Leather Chamois Dry

- Door Shuts Cleaned

- Extra: Tyre Shine £1

£8 £10 £10 / £12 / £ 14

Ultimate All Above Plus

- Tyre Shine

- Outside Windows

- Showroom Finish

£10 £12 £12 / £14 / £ 16

Ultimate-Pro Please advice before wash

- pH Neutral Prewash / wash (safe for wax)

- Washed using soft lambskin wash mitt

- Individual Wheel Wash

- Dried using ultra-soft towel

- Pro Quick Detailer (antistatic, gloss finish)

- Tyre Shine

- Outside Windows

- Free Air Freshner

£15 £17 £17 / £19 / £ 22

Exterior Car wash service from Ultimatecarwash.co.uk is one of the best in Aberdeen. Our professionally trained team uses the safest car washing techniques to avoid scratch and swirl marks caused by most automated washes. Our Exterior Car wash service offers four options for your car wash- Basic Car Wash, Gold Car Wash, Ultimate Car Wash and Ultimate Pro Car Wash.

The new 'Ultimate Pro' package was designed for prestige and/or recently waxed cars that requires a special touch. It's a wax/sealant safe and it's done using a professionals choice of the finest chemicals and precise techniques using softest mitts, towels and leaving a non-static gloss finish.

If you are looking for something more than just a car wash, then our Mini Valet, Exterior Valet and Full Valet Packages will fulfil your needs and budget. To know more about these packages, just refer the 'Services' meniu above.

Terms & Conditions:

- Currently we accept cash only.
- Engine cleaning undertaken at owners risk.
- Animal hairs and heavy soiled vehicles are subject to extra charge.
- We accept no responsibility for vehicles or valuables left inside whilst on our premises.